Industrial Arts - Refrigeration and Airconditioning Servicing (RAC) NC II
Samson College of Science and Technology - Quezon City

PHP 28,000 (Per Term)
1-2 years
Response rate: 23.6%
Response time: Typically replies within two weeks

Course Description

This is an exploratory and introductory course which leads to RAC Servicing National Certificate Level II (NC II). It covers five common competencies that a Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) student ought to possess: (1) using tools, equipment and paraphernalia; (2) performing mensuration and calculation; (3) practicing Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) procedures; (4) maintaining tools, equipment and paraphernalia; and (5) interpreting technical drawing and plans. The preliminaries of this exploratory course include the following: (1) discussion on the relevance of the course, (2) explanation of key concepts relative to the course, and (3) exploration of career opportunities.

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