Accountancy, Business, and Management Strand (ABM)
Silliman University

PHP 21,000 (Per Term)
1-2 years
Response rate: 60.3%
Response time: Typically replies within a month
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Course Description

In Silliman, we affirm the liberating concept of Senior High as empowering of those desiring to establish careers after completing Senior High. Thus, we term what we offer as "Career Tracks" - cognizant of the training and preparation that we afford each student as individuals who invest their future with us, with varied sets of interests and inclinations. We understand - and so we offer quality Christian education as we are convinced is needed - that our students come to us with different yet unifying dreams of living a better life for themselves, for their families, and for the community that they belong.

The ACADEMIC CAREER TRACK is for those who are interested to pursue college after completing Senior High School. It has four strands – each tailored-fit to the interest of students in specific fields of study or disciplines. Students choose from any of the following strands: 

  • ABM (Accountancy, Business and Management)
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
  • HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • GAS (General Academic Strand)

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