Bachelor of Elementary Education
Silliman University

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3-4 years
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Course Description

The College of Education, is duly accredited by the Philippine Association of Accredited Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU). It seeks to provide the integration of the general education curriculum and the professional education of teachers in the secondary, elementary and early childhood levels. It aims to develop teachers with competencies in a chosen discipline - managing teachinglearning processes, leading and facilitating groups and organizations imbued with responsibility and accountability, citizenship and service, and commitment to Christian faith and democratic living and to provide, maintain, update relevant programs for related occupations (librarians, dieticians, guidance, counseling) responsive to the emerging needs and demands of educational and other related institutions. To achieve the goals and objectives of the teacher education program, the College provides well-equipped laboratory schools and other facilities for the major fields in cooperation with the various departments of Silliman University. It has a highly qualified faculty with graduate degrees earned here and abroad.

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