SMU MI Scholarships
Singapore Management University

Partial Tuition


Students may apply for our SMU MI Scholarships upon admission to our programme. These scholarships entails award amounts of up to 20% off the tuition fee, with no bonds attached.



Incoming Masters

Any gender


Academic Excellence
Awards are based on academic merit, final grades and GMAT score.

  • Tier One: Awardees must have achieved a GMAT of 700 or above.
  • Tier Two: Awardees must have achieved a GMAT of 680 or above.
Global Awareness
SMU MiM Programme is committed to crafting a very diverse and global academic environment that will contribute to the student’s personal and professional journey.
The Global Awareness Award is given to individuals who will contribute to the class room diversity and enrich the learning experience of students by way of cultural, personal or professional backgrounds.

1) Interview Performance
2) Essay: “Please explain in 500 words why you consider yourself a leader"
3) Leadership quality recognition such as:
  • In the workplace: demonstrated career progression, line management progression, professional recognition such as awards, project success and team leadership
  • Leadership qualities during student days: e.g. Chairperson of an interest group, class representation, etc.
  • Attainment of any non-academic awards and scholarships.
Impact on Asia
1) Interview Performance
2) Essay: “Please explain in 500 words the professional development, entrepreneurial or personal projects of an Asian focus, that have contributed positively to Asian regions or companies or have increased awareness of Asia in other locations."
3) Impact: reach of impact, entrepreneurial projects, awards and helping the increased awareness of Asia will be taken into consideration.

Women in Business
The SMU MiM aims to recognize exceptional women with the “Women in Business” Award, those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership capabilities or potential in their professional or personal endeavors.
Applicants must have successfully received an admissions offer.

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