BA in Fashion Design and Marketing
SoFA Design Institute

PHP 72,300 (Per Term)
3-4 years

Course Description

The Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Marketing (BA-FDM) program is aimed at providing students a holistic view of the fashion industry. This CHED-accredited 4-year program immerses students into the creative, technical, and business components of fashion design.

Graduates of the program will evolve into designers with a definite creative point of view who are positioned to transform their talent into the basis of a creative enterprise. Students will receive the best training and exposure to effective design methods and techniques. 

Students will have the opportunity to assemble a substantial portfolio to promote their entry to a career in fashion design. Candidates for graduation can look forward to designing a capsule collection at the end of the program which will be showcased at our annual fashion show attended by the school community, members of the press, and industry personalities.

Your education and experiences at SoFA Design Institute will serve as the backbone and foundation for a fashion career.  Students may opt to pursue opportunities in a retail company or establish their own fashion business, in brand management, merchandising, media, or journalism.

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