Academic Scholarship Program (Incoming Freshmen)
St. John Paul II College of Davao

Full Tuition


Application and Grant

  • The scholarship grant is awarded to an incoming freshman student who qualifies in any of the scholarship brackets.
  • He/she must be a graduate from a secondary school duly recognized by the government.
  • He/she must present a certification duly signed by the School Principal attesting that he/she is an academic excellence awardee of the graduating batch.
  • The grant is also open for freshmen students (regardless of High School graduation standing) whose academic performance at the end of the First Semester qualifies for the GWA and grade requirement in any of the scholarship brackets specified in 1.2.4 of this section.

Retention and Renewal
  • Evaluation of grades is on a semestral basis.
  • Before enrolling for the incoming semester, the grantee must submit a True Copy of Grades released by the College Registrar to the Scholarship Coordinator for evaluation.
  • An academic scholar must maintain the academic standards set by the College per semester for each bracket stated below; otherwise such privilege will be forfeited.
  • The scholar's privileges will be based on the scholarship bracket he/she qualifies as of the last evaluation. Once the scholar drops from his/her current bracket, he/she cannot be reinstated to his/her original bracket even if the scholar’s evaluation for the succeeding semester(s) qualifies for a higher bracket.
  • Scholars who still qualify for the succeeding semester but are not able to enroll for some reason must submit a letter to the Scholarship Coordinator stating their intention to file a leave of absence for the specified semester/s.
  • Scholars must render service hours in the school community anytime within the semester as advised by the Dean of Student Affairs.


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