School Type Private
Programs36 Courses
Scholarships 1 Programs
Tuition Fees PHP 10,000 to PHP 20,000per Semestral
Academic CalendarSemestral
Return on investment1 Year Return, 1M Savings in 2 Years
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School Overview

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St. Joseph’s College of Quezon City (SJCQC) is a Franciscan school founded in 1932 as the Saint Joseph’s Academy. It first admitted primary school students, and then secondary school students the following year in its campus along España extension road in Manila. The school had to close down during the Japanese occupation and the Second World War. The school was renamed to St. Joseph’s College in 1948 and opened in Quezon City. Consequently, the school opened its college department which offered programs in Education, Liberal Arts, Music, and Secretarial Science . Its graduate school program then opened in 1979 offering courses in Education and Staff Development. The school is home to 5 different departments: Basic Education, Special Education, College of Arts and Sciences, Institut...
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Admission Requirements and Procedures - Basic Education and High School


Basic Education

New Students and Transferees
  • Baptismal Certificate (photocopy)
  • NSO validated Birth Certificate (photocopy) *Bring original for verification purposes
  • Three identical 1x1 ID pictures
  • Certified true copy of the Report Card signed by the Principal or Adviser
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character or Letter of Recommendation from the Principal or Guidance Counselor of the last school attended
  • Testing Fee 

Age Requirements
  • Grade 1 – should be six (6) years old by June and not later than October
  • Kinder – five (5) years old
  • Pre-Kinder – four (4) years old. 

Additional Requirements (for Foreign Students only)
  • Special Study Permit (SSP) from the Bureau of Immigration
  • Order of Recognition as Filipino (for those with dual citizenship)
  • Authenticated scholastic records by the Office of the Philippine Embassy / Office of the Consular Official in the country which has jurisdiction over the issuing school, English translation of the entries particularly, the name of student, subjects, grades and grade level. 

Old Students
  • Original Report Card
  • Three 1x1 ID pictures 

High School

New Students and Transferees
  • Secure Application Form from the Records and Admissions Office (RAO) which is located at the 2nd Floor of the Schutten Building.
  • Submit the accomplished form with complete requirements to the RAO.
  • (Grade 6 & 4th Year Transferees / Foreign Students) See the Principal for preliminary interview.
  • Pay testing fee to the Cashier’s Office.
  • Get test permit from the RAO.
  • Present test permit to the Guidance Office, take the entrance test, and wait for test results.
  • For regular students who passed the entrance test, see the Subject Area Grade Level Coordinators, and for students with special cases, see the Officer of Student Discipline and Welfare (OSDW) for final interview and approval of admission.
  • For those with conditional entrance test results, see the Special Academic Services Coordinator.
  • Present interview and approval forms to the RAO.
  • Pay tuition fees ( and Special Academic Services for those enrolled in the program) to the Cashier’s Office.

Old Students
  • Secure Registration Form from the Records and Admissions Office (RAO).
  • Submit the accomplished Registration Form, original card, and three 1x1 pictures to the RAO.
  • Proceed to the Cashier’s Office for assessment and payment of fees.
  • Leave the Registration Form to the Cashier after payment.

Source: http://www.sjcqc.edu.ph/admissions.php

Admission Requirements and Procedures - Graduate School


General Admission Requirements 
• A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
• Official transcript of records from the previous school attended.
• A 2.09 (85%) grade point average (GPA) in the graduate course.
• The student shall submit himself to an interview by the Dean of the GS.
• He shall secure two letters of recommendations :

a. from a former faculty
b. from an immediate superior (in case the applicant is employed).

• Letter of intent applying for enrollment in the Graduate program.
• The student shall take the graduate entrance examinations. The examinations will include the following:

a. two tests for Mental Ability
b. two tests for Personality Inventory 

Special Admission Requirements for Foreigners

• Certificate of registration for aliens issued by the Commission on Immigration and Deportation
• Written permission from the Commission of Higher Education to study in a Philippine school, including an evaluation of the academic program previously taken. Cross-enrollees must submit a written permit to cross-enroll from the home school. 

Admission Procedures

First Year Applicants
1. Submit the following:

a. Application form
b. Official Transcript of Records / or a Certified True Copy of Transcript of Records and two (2) 1”X1” ID pictures.
c. Certificate of Honorable Dismissal from the school she/he last attended
d. Birth Certificate

2. Pay Admissions Test Fee
3. Take Admissions Test
4. Report for Interview with the Dean

1. Submit the following:

a. Application form
b. Official Transcript of Records, if not available, submit a Certified True Copy of grades – (College and MA courses previously taken) and two (2) 1” x1” ID pictures
c. Transfer Credentials
d. Certificate of Honorable Dismissal from the school she/he last attended
e. Birth Certificate

Source: http://www.sjcqc.edu.ph/admissions.php

Admission Requirements and Procedure - Undergraduate


• High School Report Card (Form 138)
• Letter of recommendation from the Principal, Guidance Counselor or Office of Student Affairs of school of origin
• Birth Certificate duly registered with and validated by the Local Civil Registrar (photocopy only). Original copy is needed for verification purposes.
• Two (2) new, identical 1"x1" photos 

• Certified true copy of grades or transcript of records (only those with not more than 6 units of failure in a semester or a total of 9 units accumulated failure up to the last term attended are eligible for admission).
• Transfer credentials or honorable dismissal
• Letter of recommendation from the Principal, Guidance Counselor or Officer of Student Affairs of school of origin
• Birth Certificate duly registered with and validated by the Local Civil Registrar (photocopy only). Original copy is needed for verification purposes.
• Two (2) new, identical 1"x1" photos) 

Special Admission Requirements for Foreign Applicants

Married Applicants
• Photo copy of church marriage contract. The original copy must be presented to the RAO. 

Foreign Applicants
• Proof of adequate support to cover expenses incidental to studies (including bank certification)
• Scholastic records authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post located in the student’s country of origin.
• Police clearance certificate issued by the national police authorities in the student’s country of origin or residency duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post.
• Medical health certificate issued by an authorized medical practitioner in the student’s country of origin including standard sized chest x-ray.
• Photocopy of visa and passport.
• Two copies of identical 1” x 1” photos
• Two copies of identical 2” x 2” photos
• Original copy of the student’s personal history statement
• Alien Certification of Registration (ACR) Issued by the Bureau of Immigration in the Philippines.
• Authenticated birth certificate (with English translation)
• High School diploma or certification of graduation from the school principal. 

• Written permission to cross-enroll from home school 

Special Students
• Letter of request for admission to the Records and Admission Office 

Admission Requirements

* Submit requirements to the Records and Admissions Office (RAO). RAO issues a notice for payment of testing fee.

1. Pay examination or testing fee at the Cashier’s Office.
2. Present testing fee receipt at the RAO. RAO issues a permit for testing.
3. Take the entrance test at the CAS Guidance Office at the St. Clare Bldg. on the scheduled date.
4. Go back to RAO on the date announced for the test results.
5. Proceed to CAS Guidance Office for interview.
6. Secure enrollment permit from the interviewer. 

Enrollment Procedures

*Newly admitted students (High School graduates) may process their enrollment right after the interview. Old students must submit their Identification Card at designated windows of RAO on the scheduled date of enrollment.

Both New and Old Students must observe the following procedures:

1. Get and accomplish your registration form and class schedule.
2. Proceed to the Cashier’s Office for assessment of units enrolled and payment of fees.
3. Have your registration from duly stamped “PAID” . Note: You are not yet officially enrolled.
4. Go back to the RAO for the final confirmation of your subject load and enrollment. Have your registration form stamped “ENROLLED”.
5. Get your copy of your registration form (Student copy) which bears your class schedule. 

Source: http://www.sjcqc.edu.ph/admissions.php

Tuitions / Fees

PHP 10,000

PHP 20,000


Basketball Court
Computer Lab

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