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Course Description

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
The BSBA is a four-year program consisting of general education and professional courses. It has
two distinct majors or specializations namely: Human Resource Management and Financial
Management. Human Resource Management Program prepares the graduate for career in the
HR Department of any organization, including recruitment, staffing, training and career
development. Financial Management Program prepares the graduate for various careers in
financial management a well as in related fields, including but not limited to, corporate finance,
investments management,, banking, credits, trust operations, insurance, foreign currency
markets, money markets, capital markets and other financial security markets.
The curriculum provides the graduate with knowledge on financial instructions and technical
skills based on established financial theories, methodologies and various analytical tools. It also
promotes an outlook is based primarily on ethics, market integrity, regulations,, good
governance and competitive global perspective, necessary for effective financial decision

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