Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology
St. Scholastica's College - Manila

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3-4 years
Response rate: 9.6%
Response time: Typically replies within a month
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Course Description

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology (BSAcT) Program produces competent professional accountants who are capable of making a positive contribution over their lifetimes to the profession and society in which they work. It provides students the foundation of professional knowledge, professional skills, and professional values, ethics and attitudes that enable them to continue to learn and adapt to change throughout their professional lives.  It enables professional accountants to identify problems, know where to find this knowledge and know how to apply it in an ethical manner to achieve appropriate solutions. 

The Program is a non-board Program for accounting technologists who would supply the needs of Business Process Outsourcing for finance and accounting services. It has the same subject offerings as that of the BSA Program from the first to the third academic years, except board-related subjects such as Auditing, Management Consultancy, certain business law and Integrated Accounting subjects. Instead of these subjects, the Program offers Information Technology subjects.  It is an acceptable ladder to the BSA Program, should the student later on decide and qualify for the BSA Program.

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