Master of Arts in Pre-School Management
St. Scholastica's College - Manila

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1-2 years
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Course Description

Program Description

The Master of Arts in Pre-School Management program provides opportunities for educators to experience personal and professional growth and development.  It aims to develop leaders and administrators who will be distinguished for their visionary leadership, scholarly and innovative practices and exemplary character.

The program has a core of twelve (12) units in the foundation subjects, eighteen (18) units for the major subjects in education and pre-school management including field practice, six (6) units of electives and six (6) units for thesis writing.  During the last semester of the program, the student prepares a final assessment of personal growth that has taken place during the course of her/his study.  A comprehensive examination that integrates all significant learning experiences has to be taken and an oral presentation and defense of the thesis must be done.

Program Objectives

The MA in Pre-School Management aims to help administrators/educators to

  1. Recognize the interplay of the physiological, social and psychological development of the pre-schooler as a framework in designing innovative and relevant curricular programs for early childhood education;
  2. Utilize a repertoire of knowledge and skills in identifying contemporary trends and issues in early childhood education as bases for curriculum planning and design;
  3. Apply basic principles of management (i.e., supervision, planning, budget preparation and financial analysis, among others) vis-à-vis pre-school programs and education grounded in contemporary trends and issues; and
  4. Exercise acceptable principles of leadership in managing and sustaining programs for pre-schoolers.

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