Accountancy, Business, and Management Strand (ABM)
St. Theresa's College, Quezon City

(Tuition fee is not stated)
1-2 years

Course Description

The goal of the Enhanced K-12 Basic Education Program is to create a functional basic education system that will produce productive and responsible citizens equipped with the essential competencies and skills for both life-long learning and employment. The program hopes to enhance the basic education system to full functionality to fulfill the basic learning needs of students. In order to achieve these goals, the program has the following twin-objectives:
To give every student an opportunity to receive quality education based on an enhanced and decongested curriculum that is internationally recognized and comparable
To change public perception that high school education is just a preparation for college; rather, it should allow one to take advantage of opportunities for gainful career or employment and/ or self-employment in a rapidly changing and increasingly globalized environment
The SHS curriculum in St. Theresa’s College, Q.C. offers areas of specialization or electives.
In St. Theresa’s College, Q.C., the four (4) strands of Academic Track are offered namely:
            STEM             Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
            ABM               Accountancy, Business, and Management
            HUMMS         Humanities and Social Sciences
            GA                  General Academics

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