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Course Description

The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) program is composed of subjects in accounting (financial and managerial), audit, business laws and taxation and with computer subjects such as computerized accounting systems, and basic understanding of computer programming and auditing systems.
Criteria for this program are the following:

  1. All accounting and related major subjects should not be less than a General Weighted Average (GWA) of 2.50 provided with no failing marks in any major subjects in order to be qualified in this program.
  1. Qualifying examination will be given to the incoming students to be able to determine whether he/she meets the qualifying standard policy of the department before admitting in this program

  1. Organization- Accountants manage a lot of responsibility in the business organization
  2. Time Management – Accountants need to manage competing priorities while completing everything on time
  3. Adaptability – Accountants are easily learned and grow in their careers because of such challenges as an opportunity to test their skills.
  4. Communication – Accountants have strong communication skills that are incredibly valuable.
  5. Openness – Accountants are straightforward by following the professional ethical standards.
  6. Leadership – Accountants have leadership skills which include strategic thinking and long term planning.

This program is totally committed to industry partners by way of sending OJT accountancy students to various industries in order to become competent and effective accountants in preparation for their actual jobs in the future. Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA) shall be signed by both parties before sending our students for OJT.

Once they passed the Certified Public Accountants licensure examination, following job opportunities awaiting for them such as:
  1. Employment in Commerce and Industry
  2. Employment in Government Sectors
  3. Practice of Public Accountancy
  4. Practice in Education/Academe
  5. Self-Employed /Business

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