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What does The Quantum Academy, Inc. stand for?

School Vision
An exemplary school recognized and acknowledged by the country for developing students who excel in academics and advocate values that will develop them as future leaders of our society; a school that will serve as a catalyst for the learners to develop themselves intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually in their own way.

Mission Statement
The Quantum Academy, Inc. is bound by its commitment to develop learners into persons who have well-rounded personality and high self-esteem; are capable of creativity, innovation, investigation, verification, and critical thinking; possess the moral and spiritual values necessary for upright living; are articulate in English; and are able to lead and interact within the society with confidence.

Philisophy of Education
The Quantum Academy recognizes the students as the focus of the educational process. They are guided to reach their optimum potential intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Students are challenged to think critically an creatively, to be independent,  and to lead in a structured environment where excellence in every aspect of academic and non-academic performance is rewarded and individual effort is encouraged. The school strives to develop responsible citizens by reinforcing respect for self and for others.

Institutional Values
The institutional values unite the school populace and its stakeholders through the thrusts that lead the community towards the achievement of its vision and mission.  The school’s core values are:

  •  Loyalty and Integrity
  •  Excellence and Innovation
  •  Leadership and Responsibility
  • Service and Camaraderie
  • Spirituality and Respect

Educational Goals
The Quantum Academy is a private college preparatory school whose primary aim is to meet the educational needs of students from pre-school to high school that will prepare them for admission in leading colleges and universities, responsible leadership and integration into society, and successful careers across regions in the Philippines and in other parts of the world.

Government Recognitions
Government Recognitions were given to the school: The Pre-school Government Recognition was granted in 2002, Grade School in 2005 and the High School in 2008.

The Quantum Academy started humbly with an initial number of eight students, two teachers, and settled in a rented space in Mejorada Building along Leon Llido Street – a real testimony of “from few to plenty”, population wise. The school today has over 600 pupils and students in pre-school, grade school, and high school, 30 teachers, 20 non-teaching staff and administrators.

School Language
The school language and medium of instruction in major academic subjects is English. There are subjects using Filipino language but in here, may also accommodate non-Filipino speakers through bilingualism. These subjects also serve as avenues for learning Filipino as a Foreign Language. 
Parents are requested to encourage their children to practice speaking English at home so they will form the habit and the skills for oral English communication proving the statement that "practice makes perfect". Although observation showed that many students, especially those whose language at home is not English, could hardly follow the policy on English speaking in school.

Academic Instruction
In the succeeding years of growth and development, The Quantum Academy has shown a record of stability. Its reputation speaks of itself by becoming an institution with a child-centered curriculum, focusing on innovative learning with the following aspects: Mathematics, Science, Reading, Social Studies, and Languages. These subject areas have committed teacher-experts who are dedicated and are fully aware of the time on task policy of the DepED to teach and help students and can render service beyond expectations for the welfare of the school and the community.
With this, a scheme has also been set by the administration for teachers, not only in terms of academic and professional programs but also for formation techniques namely: spiritual, social, and personal development.
Yearly contested programs involve the school to be consistent winners in different prestigious academic and non-academic contests and have been showing outstanding performance in the local, national and international assessments and evaluations. Contrary to this fact though, the school refuses to believe that winning in competitions joined by some chosen students is the true measurement of quality education. The Quantum Academy believes that quality education evolves in teaching and practicing the knowledge through hands-on in basic skills, academics and technical expertise coupled with discipline or valued citizenship. Quantum emphasizes on the processing of knowledge, through evaluation using motivation, inspiration, visionary ambitions, creativity, risk, ability to bounce back from failure, and motivation. These skills are associated with understanding the value of knowledge which will help the students prepare for life, work, globalization, and rapid technological advancements. The school believes that students should thoroughly engage in the learning process for real achievements to take place and the student's chance to excel will be rewarding to increase self-confidence and self-realization. The best measurement of the quality of Quantum's grade school and high school education is how well the school has prepared them for college and how successful they will become in the real world of life and work.
The school looks into the reward system and tries to be fair enough to give opportunities for intellectually gifted students. It also provides avenues for the development of mainstream and regular students. Special programs for academic remediation are also devised to help academically struggling students. Those who excel in co-curricular activities benefit a lot from student activities. They are given a bigger chance to exhibit their skills to further their development in different areas like in visual arts, performing arts, media arts, sports, campus journalism, and leadership. School clubs give student the opportunities to discover and develop their creativity and potentials. 

All classrooms have internet access, LCD projectors, speakers, radios and mini amplifiers. The school does not use chalk and blackboard-- all classrooms have glass whiteboards. The classrooms, offices, lounging areas, corridors, gym, library, dining area, entrance and exit gates, and science and computer laboratories have CCTV cameras. The school has separate computer laboratories for high school and grade school. The library has a wide array of storybooks and bestsellers children and teenagers love to read. It also has desktop computers which are ready for online researching. All classrooms and offices are air-conditioned. Drinking fountains with cold and purified water are located at the canteen, gym, and waiting area. Spacious parking area is available at Gate 2.

Plate numbers of all vehicles entering the driveway are noted down by the school guards. The gates are closed during class hours. No visitors are entertained without a previous appointment with the office. School guards are not allowed to leave their posts or do errands for students/ parents. School guards are not allowed to give any information about the employees and students. Students are not released to unauthorized fetchers at dismissal. School guards inspect bags anytime.
Discipline in the school leads first to self-discipline, then to self-guidance. It is an integral part of personality development and good character. The School accepts the challenge to promote the development of students, within a multi-cultural and modern community with positive self-image who seek excellence and respect the rights of others. Quantum believes that all students have the right and the ability to learn and to improve their character so that they will develop as important members of society. The emphasis in the Student Honor Code/disciplinary procedure is upon developing increasing responsibility and self-discipline into where each student is valued and treated accordingly. The school’s grading system includes a character grade of 10% or higher in the student’s quarterly grade per subject.

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N L S A Rd, General Santos City, South Cotabato
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