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  • Admission Requirements and Procedures - Undergraduate

    The University of Manila is open to students who meet the academic standards set by its Committee on Admission and are willing to abide by the rules and ideals of the institution. It is the Committee on Admission and Retention that sets the criteria, ensuring that the school accepts only those applicants who will benefit the most from the University’s program.

    Admission Policy

    Applicants for freshmen into the University of Manila maybe admitted based on the following:

    1. Performance in the entrance examination administered by the Testing Center. (Passing the entrance exam does not mean automatic admission to the University Academic Program).
    2. Performance during interviews with either the enrollee officials and/or the head of the Admission Committee.
    3. Recommendations from the officials of the school last attended.

    Admission Procedures and Requirements
    1. Upon being informed of the eligibility for admission, the student must submit the following credentials:
      1. Original Form 138 (Report Card)
      2. Certificate of good moral character from the Principal and Guidance Counselor of the school last attended.
      3. Written undertaking signed by the student or his parent or guardian to abide by the rules and regulation of the University.
      4. Submitted credentials should be verified by the enrolling official to ensure authenticity and completeness. Any falsification of such documents constitutes a ground for disqualification.


  • Admission Requirements and Procedures - Foreign Students

    The President and Chief Academic Officer will conduct an initial interview on foreign students. The following are the requirements:

    • Academic record should be submitted.
    • Present original passport and a photocopy of the said passport should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.
    • Payment of application and corresponding testing and other fees.


  • Admission Requirements and Procedures - Law School


    An applicant for admission to the law course is required to take the Law Entrance Examination (LEX). The LEX is administered by the Office of the Dean to all applicants in line with the need to maintain the quality of the students admitted into the College of Law. A minimal exam fee is collected upon every applicant and the tests are held from March until June for First Semester and from October until first week of November for Second Semester.
    The applicant must submit the following:

    1. Official Transcript of Records (one (1) original or certified photocopy);
    2. Certificate of Good Moral Character (issued by the last school attended);
    3. NSO Birth Certificate;
    4. Certificate of Transfer Credentials (Honorable Dismissal) from the former school, and three (3) copies of 2X2 recent photo.


    Admission of transfer students from other law schools shall be decided on a case to case basis by the Dean based on the applicant’s credentials and personal qualifications and subject to appropriate conditions.
    The transfer student must submit the following:
    1. Certificate of Transfer of Credentials (Honorable Dismissal) from the former school;
    2. Certificate of Grades;
    3. Certificate of Good Moral Character;
    4. NSO Birth Certificate;
    5. Certificate of Eligibility for Admission into the Law Course (Form C-1), if the applicant has previously obtained such certification from his former school; and
    6. Three (3) copies 2X2 recent photo.


    The College allows cross-enrolment to another school in recognition of the academic freedom of the students. In like manner, she entertains the cross-enrollment of students from other institutions.
    Students are not allowed to cross-enroll to another school except in meritorious cases as determined by the Dean as follows:
    1. If the subjects are not offered in the College; and
    2. If the subjects are offered, but their schedule conflicts with the student’s other  classes.


    Admission to advance standing in any of the college will be granted to students who have completed in another school fifty percent or less, of the required units for graduation. (Special cases may be referred to the Dean or Head of the Department concerned and/or the Commission on Higher Education for approval).


    Students who wish to take special courses under some professors in the university, after having offered evidence of their ability and academic preparation, must secure permission from the Dean of the College in which the students will register, and from the professor of the course for which they are registering.

    Special students will not be given final examination in the course for which they have registered and upon registration, are required to sign a waiver to this effect. They will be subject to the same disciplinary and academic regulations as other students, and will pay the usual college registration fee in addition to the fee for each registered course and the incidental fees.

    Subsequent compliance with entrance requirements, after the special course have been taken, will not validate the work done by the student while enrolled under the above conditions.


  • Admission Requirements and Procedures - Graduate School

    Quoted hereunder is an excerpt from Department Order No.15 series 1964, of the Department of Education:

    The requirement in the admission of students to graduated work shall be determined by the graduate school administration subject to the following:

    • Only those students who has completed the undergraduate course with at least an average rating of 85%, or B, or 2 in the entire course and did not receive any condition or failing marking any subject in the undergraduate work, shall be admitted by each school.
    • As a rule, only those students who in the judgment of the graduate dean or department head and a committee on graduate work and are able to successfully pursue the same should be admitted to graduate school. Admission, however, does not imply automatic admission to candidacy for any graduate degree.
    • Admission to candidacy for master’s degree shall be determined on the basis of quality performance in the graduate work of the student. Admission to candidacy for doctor’s degree shall be passing of the following examinations:
    1. Qualifying examination
    2. Proficiency examination in the foreign language required, and
    3. Comprehensive examination covering the academic subjects.


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