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3-4 years

Course Description

Are you passionate about exercise and health? Do you want to spread the word and educate others about keeping fit and being healthy? This major develops your knowledge and skills in the exercise and health domain, with relevant training for careers in the health education, exercise rehabilitation, health service delivery, and fitness industries. Your knowledge and skills also complement other science areas, potentially leading to postgraduate professional training. You’ll study a mix of core units to give a solid foundation in the area and are able to choose from option units to ensure you graduate with a broad knowledge and understanding in the area of exercise and health. The Bachelor of Science with a degree-specific major in Sport Science and a second major in Exercise and Health is a National University Course Accreditation Program (NUCAP) accredited course. Upon graduation, you may apply to Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) within two years of completing the course for credentialing as an Accredited Exercise Scientist (AES).

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