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1-2 years

Course Description

With seminars led by scholars, the course is complemented with guest lectures from leading practitioners, and case studies that provide students with multiple opportunities to apply what they have learned to effectively address public, social, and economic issues. Students may choose to complete specialisations in Economics or Public Administration and Governance, or both.
In the Economics specialisation, students will study the role of markets and government in the economy and methods of economic evaluation. This is an applied economics program, focusing on a wide range of areas, including finance, taxation, health, housing, education, transport, utilities, trade, development and the environment. Taking a global perspective, this specialisation mixes theory and practice to develop the competencies of professionals working in increasingly complex public, corporate, or not-for-profit organisations either in Australia or internationally. 
The Public Administration and Governance specialisation prepares students to become future leaders of government organisations and non-profit organisations. It is also designed for students who are keen to pursue a managerial career in private businesses working with government. It equips students with a strong academic foundation to their work, and the analytical and problem-solving skills to meet new challenges in public policy-making and governance in our rapidly changing world. It consists of two pathways: coursework only; and coursework and dissertation.

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