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3-4 years

Course Description

Psychology is a fascinating and diverse area of study that touches on many aspects of daily life – seeking to answer questions about how and why people behave the way they do. How do groups communicate? Can panic be controlled? How do attitudes to alcohol consumption develop? These are just a few of the questions psychologists investigate. The Psychology in Society major will help you build a scientific understanding of human behaviour and its underlying psychological processes. You will find an emphasis on the measurement of psychological abilities such as intelligence, how these abilities develop through the life span and on the processes that govern the relationships between people and groups in society. If you’re hoping to pursue further study at postgraduate level leading to professional accreditation as a psychologist, you should complete the Psychology double major. You will be exposed to sensitive topics (e.g. depression, suicide, trauma, eating disorders). You will also be required to demonstrate skills across a variety of different formats and contexts (e.g. written assessments, participation in practical work, contribution to group discussions, oral presentations), so it is important to carefully consider whether you are able to cope with the demands of a psychology major and whether there is anything that would impact upon your ability to complete the requirements of the major.

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