Bachelor of Science in Economics and Management
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

USD 6,200 (Per Year)
3-4 years

Course Description

The School of Economics is highly valued by its students because of the experience of its academic staff, the seriousness of study, and the quality and completeness of its programs. 
Through teaching and research, and its long tradition, the School emphasizes the value of an economy “at the service of mankind.” The School offers an education that balances a core curriculum drawing on a range of independent and interrelated disciplines and a series of courses that are tailored to understand and keep the pace with a continuously changing world. Students are trained in the fields of Economics, Law, Mathematics/ Statistics and Business. 

Learning objectives
The Bachelor Degree in Economics & Management aims at offering students a learning experience that meets the highest international standards.
The degree program allows for a truly international and diverse cohort as it gathers students from all over the world. A diverse and multicultural class will enrich the students’ learning process. Classes are taught by faculty (professors, lecturers) with a strong academic, research and professional background, most of whom have had teaching and research experience in some of the world’s best universities. The academic calendar is organized in three quarters (Fall, Winter and Spring terms). The programs provide students with a solid understanding of the international economic and financial system, and strong managerial skills. 

Bachelor Degree in Economics & Management
The undergraduate program has a common curriculum the first two years, and offers a specialization or major in either Economics or Management in the third year. The major in Economics is designed for students who wish to gain a background in the field of economic sciences. It gives students the necessary tools to carry out active roles in business decision processes by interpreting business phenomena through the understanding of theories, quantitative analysis techniques and the most up-to-date institutional references. The major in Management is aimed at developing skills, knowledge and abilities with reference to the administration and management of firms, the execution of functions and processes regarding the most important and critical areas of companies, and the resolution of problems between functional areas.

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