Master of Science in Global Business Management
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

USD 6,800 (Per Year)
1-2 years

Course Description

Companies tend to employ graduates with the following skills:

  1. acquired awareness of international issues and settings
  2. work and study experience within multinational working groups
  3. ability to analyze global markets
  4. ability to conceive and deal with the management of major or significant projects
The Global Business Management program aims to endow students with the listed skills so as to enable them to quickly adapt to an international environment, whilst understanding
the dynamics, and knowing how to effectively identify solutions to managerial problems in such settings.

Learning objectives
The curriculum presents two types of courses: subjects relating to the managerial disciplines (strategy, HRM, accounting), and subjects relating to business issues and problems typically associated with the processes of internationalization of firms and the understanding of economic issues (managerial economics, financial reporting and performance measurement, business and government relations). This is done to balance traditional knowledge of management with the specialization and the development of specific internationalization-oriented skills. In addition, the program also includes courses that intend to develop the capability to work in different social and cultural contexts,
and to review, develop and implement the issues that typically arise when firms go global.

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