BS in Industrial Engineering
University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P)

(Tuition fee is not stated)
5 years
Response rate: 20.5%
Response time: Typically replies within months
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Course Description

The BS in Industrial Engineering Program is a 5-year program envisioned to produce engineering professionals who can plan, design, and implement ethical, socially relevant and environmentally sound engineering and technology-based solutions to complex economic, management, and industrial problems.
Using an in-depth education in the liberal arts as the student’s intellectual foundation, the BSIE Program combines UA&P’s current expertise in economics, management and information technology with competent instruction in the theoretical and applied sciences and mathematics and the core engineering courses. The BSIE Program hopes to produce true Renaissance Engineers of the new millennium.
Essential to the achievement of the program objectives is the solid liberal arts curriculum that has been a hallmark of the University. The Mathematics and Science components are augmented and delivered with the rigor required to prepare the student for an engineering course.

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