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Admission Requirements - Undergraduate


Incoming Freshmen Students

The admission for freshmen students conforms to the admission/entrance requirements adopted by all institutions of higher learning in the Philippines as mandated by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). To be admitted to any of the programs/courses of the Institution, enrollees must be high school graduates from public or private schools recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd), whether general, national, vocational, trade, agricultural, fishery or newly nationalized high schools.

The following must be submitted:
  1. Form 138 or High School Report Card
  2. Certificate of Good Moral Character duly signed by the School Principal or Guidance Counselor
  3. Four (4) copies of color ID Picture (1.5 x 1.5 inches)
  4. Certified true copy of Birth Certificate from the National Statistics Office
Transfer Students

Admission may be granted to students who transfer with sufficient credit from another institution, college or university of recognized standing. Thus, students who wish to transfer to UCV must submit the following:
  • Certificate of eligibility to Transfer
  • Certified true copy of subjects from previous school
  • Certificate of good moral character from the school last attended
  • 2 copies of 2 x 2 ID picture with name printed at the back
  • NSO authenticated birth certificate
  • Barangay Clearance
Special Students

Qualified individuals interested in certain special courses without concern to earn credits may be admitted as Special Students. Under this status, they attend classes and take part in the course in which they are registered/enrolled but receive no credit for the work done.

Cross Enrollees

A cross-enrollee is one who is a regular student of another school admitted to enroll one or more subjects in the University due to justifiable reasons. Before a student is even considered for admission as a cross-enrollee, he/she should present a certification of permission from the Registrar of the College where he/she is regularly enrolled.

Working Students

A student employed in either private or public institution shall be subject to the usual admission requirements.

Foreign Students

The admission of foreign students into any academic program or course in the University is governed by Executive Order no. 285 dated September 4, 2000.
The Executive Order provides that only aliens who seek temporary stay in the Philippines solely for the purpose of taking up a course higher than high school at a university, who are at least 18 years of age at the time of enrolment and have the means sufficient for their education and support of study shall be governed by the regulations on the admission of foreign students.

Foreign students shall communicate directly with the University and shall comply with the University’s requirements which shall include the following documents:
  • Five copies of students’ personal history statement (PHS) duly signed by them, both in English and their national alphabet accompanied by their personal seal, if any, and containing among others, their left and right thumb prints and a 2x2-inch photograph on plain white background taken not more than six months prior to submission.
  • A notarized affidavit of support including bank statements or notarized notice of grant for institutional scholars to cover expenses for the students’ accommodation and subsistence, as well as school dues and other incidental expenses.
  • Scholastic records duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post located in the student applicants’ countries of origin or legal residences.
  • Photocopy of data page of the students’ passport showing date and place of birth, and birth certificate or its equivalent duly authenticated by the the Philippine Foreign Service Post

The University, once satisfied with the student’s compliance of its requirements, shall issue a NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE (NOA) to the foreign student.
After receiving the NOA, the foreign student may now enroll in any of the academic programs he/she prefers. The same enrolment procedure used by the local students of the University shall be observed.

Source: http://www.ucv.edu.ph/subpages/admission/admission.aspx

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School Overview

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The University of Cagayan Valley (UCV), formerly known as Cagayan Colleges Tuguegarao (CCT), is a private, non-sectarian institution built in 1948. It is considered as the first private non-sectarian university in Cagayan Valley Region.

At present, the university has two campuses in Tuguegarao City---Balzain campus (main) and the College Avenue campus (annex). Each of its campus houses modern facilities complete with state-of-the-art equipment.

UCV  offers a wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs, ranging from Maritime Engineering to Social Work.  In addition to tertiary level programs, the university also offers a K-12 basic education program. Available Senior High School (SHS) tracks include Academic, Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL), and Sports. Vocational courses such as Automotive Servicing (NC II) and Electrical Installation & Maintenance (NC II) can also be taken by individuals in the institution.   
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  • Balzain Highway, Brgy. Centro 12, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan 3500

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Mark Anthony Bautista

University of Cagayan Valley

BS Marine Engineering - Batch 2005

Why did I choose this school?

Having a hard time in calculus but was able to manage it, it’s kind of boring to study and learn eng...

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My current job

4th marine engineer officer on duty, in-charge of compressors and pumps. Sometimes we are assigned t...

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About the School

The atmosphere was excellent and it really gives student the right place to enhance skills in relate...

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How long did it take to find a job?

1 year

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Ryan Doronio

University of Cagayan Valley

BS in Electrical Engineering - Batch 2005

Why did I choose this school?

Difficult but enjoyable.
You need math skill and Hard work.

My current job

Online Shop

About the School

Proffesors: not good but not bad.
Facilities: bad.

How long did it take to find a job?

Maybe 2 and half years!

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