Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BS Arch)
University of San Agustin

PHP 43,000 (Per Term)
5 years
Response rate: 81.2%
Response time: Typically replies within months

Course Description

Architecture is concerned with providing the students with comprehensive knowledge, skill and competence in architecture and their total growth and development within the framework of democratic ideals and values; and the preservation, conservation, and promotion of the Filipino Architecture heritage within the global context, thus making the architecture curriculum relevant to the present needs and latest international trends.  

Specific Profession/ Careers/ Occupations or Trades that the graduates may go into:

  • Architectural Design
  • Housing
  • Physical Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Community Architecture
  • Facility Planning
  • Construction Technology
  • Construction Management
  • Building Administration and Maintenance
  • Real Estate Development
  • Education/Research and Development
  • Restoration/Conservation

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