Financial Aid


An alternative way of funding needs of undergraduate students of UP Mindanao which can be provided by any generous donors (private firms, government, foundations etc.) to striving students. The assistance can be categorized into three: Plate UP (food allowance), Live UP (housing allowance and Ride UP (transportation allowance).


Grade Requirement: At least 3.0

Open to all nationalities

Any course is allowed


1.Must be a bonafide undergraduate student enrolled in UP Mindanao;
2.Must be financially in need. The student must be a Socialized Tuition system (STS) grantee. Priority is given to those who are assigned in FDS, PD80 and PD60 whose annual Gross Family Income does not exceed P250,000. He/She must be recommended by the Department Chair;
3. Must have at least a General Weighted Average of 3.00 or better during the preceding semester;
4. Must not have incurred 3 minor offenses or zero major offense and duly recommended by the Dormitory Manager (for those who are applying for the Live UP program).