Quick Facts & Figures

  • capital

  • language

  • currency

    New Taiwan Dollar (TWD)
  • government

    Semi-presidential Constitutional Republic
  • religion

    Top 3: Buddhism, Taoism, Non Religious
  • weather

    Marine Tropical
  • timezone

    UTC +8
  • internet domain


Taiwan is a small state off the coast of Southeast China and only above a thousand kilometers north of the Philippines. But despite its small size, it has a very developed economy, the 21st largest in the world, built off the back of high-tech industry. From huge skyscrapers in Taipei, to the cliffs and sandy beaches, gorges, mountains, and lakes of the rest of Taiwan, there’s enough in this small nation to keep oneself captivated.

Just like the Chinese, the Taiwanese are of a collectivist culture, and strive for harmony within their relationships, treating people with respect regardless of their own feelings. In a way, they are similar to the Chinese community in the Philippines. Taiwanese are known to have a much more liberal society than in China though, embracing free speech and democracy.

Taiwan is most famous for its universities which specialize in the tech sector, but also offers good programs in other sectors as well. Cost of living in Taiwan is more expensive than in the Philippines, but still less expensive than other Asian Tigers such as Singapore and Hong Kong.


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