United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

Quick Facts & Figures

  • capital

    Abu Dhabi
  • language

    Arabic, English
  • currency

    AED (UAE Dirham)
  • government

  • religion

  • weather

  • timezone

    GMT +4
  • internet domain


Study in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a relatively young and dynamic nation. Visitors can also get to experience many cultures with more than 120 nationalities living in UAE. It also offers a wide range of heritage and traditions. Additionally, the list of activities to try and explore during your stay here is never ending!

With partner schools in Dubai to name a few, Filipino international students have a lot to choose in pursuing their international studies.

We have over 2 UAE school and universities on our website that you can search and apply from!

Why study in UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is a great unique destination for Filipino international students thanks to its diversity and rich cities. There are a handful of reasons why Filipinos should study in UAE.

  • Safe Learning Environment
  • Diverse Educational Options
  • Global Community

Schools in UAE

China's advanced education system is ranked 9th in the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings 2018.

Life and Culture in UAE

While the UAE comes with its own defining rules regarding student life, it’s also a state like no other where you can experience rich history and culture.

Study and work opportunities in UAE for Filipinos

Previously, international students in UAE were not permitted to work full time or part time while studying, except for internships granted by the university. Now, the Ministry of Human Resources has announced that students can work for up to six hours, and not more than four hours consecutively while allocating an hour of rest to pray and eat.

Scholarships in UAE

To better afford your international education, consider applying for a scholarship offered by UAE universities and other private organizations.


Partner Schools

Studying in United Arab Emirates

Are there scholarships available? How can I finance my studies?
Visit the Edukasyon profiles of the schools you are interested in to check if they are offering any scholarships.
There are also some international student loans available for different loan giving bodies. University representatives usually work in tandem with their financial aid department that focuses on helping students find options to finance their education. Explore our partner schools here, and click "Send Inquiry" to get connected with your university representative.
Do I need a visa? How do I get it?
If you’re a Philippine passport-holder, you may need to obtain a student visa. The process is as follows:
  1. Secure an offer to your chosen university and pay for your first semester of university (this must be done before you can be approved for your permit).
  2. Complete any online application forms
  3. Gather all necessary documents
  4. Submit documents and application forms to embassy
Please note that the letter of acceptance or letter of admission from the university you wish to enter for your intended course of study is a necessary requirement under the eligibility criteria for a UAE student visa. For the full list of details, please refer to the embassy website or contact the embassy in Manila.
What are the required languages for studying in UAE?
Arabic is the official language of United Arab Emirates. However, English is the most spoken language in this country.
How do I choose a school in UAE?
There are an endless array of schools and programs available to Filipino students looking to pursue their studies in UAE. After deciding (1) What your career goals are and (2) What academic programs can help you achieve those goals, it's time to do some research on which school is best for you! There are schools in UAE that are looking for Filipino students just like you! Explore them here.
What are the requirements for studying at a school in UAE?
Generally, schools will ask for your:
  • Documentation of general eligibility
The specific requirements will vary depending on your school, course, and level of study. Visit the Edukasyon profile of the school you like to find their specific requirements. For a list of schools in UAE looking for Filipino students, see here.

Living in United Arab Emirates

How much is the cost of living in UAE?
The cost of living in UAE is more expensive than other Arab worlds. Dubai is also the 20th most expensive city to live in. Of course, the cost of living still varies on the lifestyle of the person.

Food: AED 25 - AED 50
Accommodation: AED 6000 - AED 10,000 (monthly)
Transportation: Train fare: AED 225 (monthly)
Utilities:  AED 400 - RMB 750 (monthly)
Are there Filipinos living in UAE?
Filipinos for 21.3% of the population of Dubai. More than half a million Filipinos live in the United Arab Emirates, and about 450,000 are in Dubai. Primarily, the Filipinos here are OFWs.
What is the lifestyle like in UAE?
UAE has a diverse society. The influence of Islamic, Persian and Arabian culture on its architecture, music, attire, cuisine, and lifestyle are very prominent. Muslims pray 5 times a day in the minarets of mosques, which are scattered around the country. Also, the weekend begins on Friday due to it being the holiest day for Muslims.

UAE nationals usually wear traditional dress in public; however, foreigners are allowed to wear what they want as long as it is modest. Also, nowadays, luxury items are greatly believed to be a lifestyle and not an indulgence by its people.

Working in United Arab Emirates

What are the benefits of graduating from a school in UAE?
Not only do you get an internationally-acclaimed recognition, you also get an experience no one has! The range of cultures and traditions you get to explore, as well as the people you get to meet, are once in a lifetime experience that you won't get anywhere else! Also, UAE has been consistently among the world’s fastest-growing economies. Other than that, you get to score negotiation skills when you try to haggle in their markets.
Can I work while I’m studying in UAE?
Sadly, international students with student visa studying in UAE are not allowed to work either part time or full time during the duration of their study. However, internships are allowed provided that they have the permission of the university.