Busan Kyungsang College Requirements

170 Gobun-ro, Yeonsan-dong, Yeonje-gu, Busan, South Korea
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  • Does this mean I will spend two more years in High School?

    Yes. But these two additional years will equip you with skills that will better prepare you for the future, whether it be; Kolehiyo, Trabaho or Negosyo!

  • Undergraduate


    • Completed Application for Admission (provided by the college)
    • Copy of the applicant's identification card or passport
    • Certificate of High School Graduation
    • Official Transcript from Elementary, Middle, and High School (sealed)
    • Certificate of family registration corresponding to Korea's family register issued by the applicant's government
    • Certificate for parents employment
    • Certificate for parents' income for recent 2 years
    • Sponsor's Bank Statement showing at least US $10,000 (which has been on deposit for 3 months or longer prior to the date of application ) under the sponsor's name (the applicant or family).

    • Foreign students whose parents are both foreigners must graduate from foreign high schools or Korean high schools.
    • Foreign students who have finished elementary, middle, and high school educational courses must complete all 12-year curriculum equivalent to typical Korean highschool education.


    1. Sending application forms:
    • Send us your course inquiry by phone, fax, or email: [email protected] or letter.
    • We will send you: An International Student Application Form, relevant brochures, and any specific requirements (such as a resume form) required by Busan Kyungsang College.
    • Complete the Student Application Form with your personal details, your program of interest and your academic records including your Korean, English, or Japanese proficiency level if available.
    2. Interviewing the applicants: individually notified: The interview is performed in person (the applicant and the parents are required to be present)
    3. Examining the permission of admission by the Korean Ministry of Justice
    4. Mailing the official approval of admission: restricted to those permitted by the Immigration Bureau.
    • If you are accepted, the President of the college will send you a Letter of Acceptance to study at Busan Kyungsang College. If your Korean, English or Japanese is not of a sufficient level for the program, you may be offered a place in the program-conditional on reaching the required level of Korean, English or Japanese. This generally implies attending a Korean language training course.
    5. Transmitting the tuition fees
    • When you receive the Letter of Acceptance, you will be told the fees required for the program. These fees may include other fees such as special program delivery fees, dormitory fee, and insurance etc.
    • You will need to pay your Fees: Included in the Letter of Acceptance is Busan Kyungsang College's bank account number and you will need to transfer your fees to this account.
    6. Applying for visa at the Korean Embassy or Consulate in China
    • The receipt and Letter of Acceptance can be used to apply for a student visa.
    7. Entering Korea
    • Once the student visa is approved, and the college receives the student’s arrival information (date, flight details, etc.), living arrangements in the college dormitory will be organized, and you (and/or the agent) will receive all this information before arrival.
    8. Orientation to Korean Society and Culture
    After entering Korea, the international students have an opportunity to learn or experience Korean society and life styles.

    Source: http://www.bsks.ac.kr/foreign/eng_08.asp

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