Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship
Hult International Business School - Boston Campus

USD 41,650 (Per Year)
3-4 years

Course Description

Entrepreneurship is a mindset, and a major in Entrepreneurship is well-suited for those who have big ambitions. Businesses need innovation today more than ever, and this major hones your adaptive thinking and innovation skills so you’ll thrive in today’s demanding global business environment.

Picture your success 
Entrepreneurship is a mindset. This major starts with an overview of the skills that distinguish a successful entrepreneur and the common mistakes they need to avoid. Subsequent courses help you to picture yourself as an entrepreneur by learning to assess your market, refine your product, test your assumptions, and persuade investors and others to provide the capital and resources you need to maximize your chances for success.

Develop an entrepreneurial spirit 
A major in Entrepreneurship will do more than help you identify, evaluate, and implement your ideas successfully. It will help you tap into the entrepreneurial spirit inside yourself. Whether you intend to start your own business, help an existing one grow, work within a family firm, or solve a global social problem, the skills you’ll learn at Hult will help you succeed. Learn how to approach the marketplace with confidence as you chart your own path for the future.

Gain a concrete understanding of:

  • The professional paths taken by today’s entrepreneurs, including their successes and the lessons learned from failure
  • The tools and techniques that entrepreneurs use to develop and test their ideas
  • The process of market research, feedback, and rapid redesign in fully developing successful new business initiatives
  • The methods that are required for a diverse range of business models— from start-ups to family businesses, or major corporate enterprises

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