Minerva Schools at KGI Requirements

1145 Market St, 9th Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94103, United States of America (USA)
USD 13,450 to 13,950 (Per Year)


  • Does this mean I will spend two more years in High School?

    Yes. But these two additional years will equip you with skills that will better prepare you for the future, whether it be; Kolehiyo, Trabaho or Negosyo!

  • Applicant Qualifications


    • Broad interest in multiple subjects
    • Passion in at least one specific domain
    • Curiosity about the world and its people
    • Continuous drive to excel
    • Community oriented
    • Inventive, entrepreneurial spirit
    • Leadership potential
    • Collaborative ability

    Source: https://www.minerva.kgi.edu/

  • Three-part Application Process


    • Standardized tests like the SAT or ACT are not required.
    • No admissions quotas for gender or ethnicity.
    • U.S. students, legacy applicants, or recruited athletes do not get preferential treatment.
    • Admissions are purely based on merit. Financial capacity and family status do not factor into admission decisions.
    • No enrollment quotas. We admit all qualifying students.
    • The application process is all online and free.
    The admissions process consists of three parts designed to identify if you are the type of student who will succeed at Minerva:

    Part One: Who You Are
    To gain access to the Admissions Center, first you must provide basic information about yourself as well as an overview of your education history and academic performance (i.e. class ranking) and one accomplishment you are proud of. Present yourself confidently and holistically the best way you can, but keep in mind that this is only the initial part of the application and you must complete this step to move onto the rest of the application. If you are unsure about your ranking in your school, provide a rough estimate at this point as you can go back to edit this ranking later. Once you have submitted your initial information, you will gain access to the Admissions Center where you will find resources and information to guide you through the rest of the application.

    Important: Providing your counselor or teacher contact information
    Once you are in the Application Center, We also encourage you to get in touch with your school counselors as early as possible as you will be asked to upload your academic transcripts in Part 3. Acquiring transcripts may be a complicated process for students applying from the Philippines before, causing delays and inconveniences to the applicant. In order to avoid these, we strongly urge you to contact your counselors as early as possible. Please contact the Regional Manager for Minerva Schools at [email protected] if you or your counselor have any questions.

    Part Two: How You Think
    In the second part, you will be presented with a unique series of engaging, thought-provoking challenges designed to measure how you think. These challenges will gauge how you think across various dimensions — from creativity and mathematics to written and spoken communications. We administer the challenges in a timed format to ensure you, and you alone, are completing them. We strongly advise you to complete these challenges in a quiet room and to take breaks in between challenges so you can answer to the best of your ability.
    Also, since they are not something you can study for, preparing is simply a matter of having the right tech setup and being in a clear state of mind. If you have a disability that may affect your ability to complete the application, please email [email protected] before completing any timed portions of the admissions process. To read more about accommodations at Minerva, please read our Provision of Services (https://www.minerva.kgi.edu/disability/).

    Part Three: What You Have Achieved
    Lastly, we want to know what you have achieved both in and out of the classroom. In this part, you will provide evidence of your past academic performance by uploading your academic transcripts from the past 3 years of high school. You will also have to provide
    You will also elaborate on six of your biggest accomplishments that, in your opinion, represent your areas of excellence and interest beyond your academic performance. While your class grades are an important indication of your future success, Minerva also considers other activities that reflect your passion and commitment in a variety of domains. These can include personal projects, involvement in academic olympiads or Model UN groups, literary or artistic works, leadership of non-academic initiatives, and any other activities you are particularly proud of. Rather than narrowly defining what “achievement” means, Minerva gives you the flexibility to define this for yourself and the opportunity to impact our decision. Thus, we strongly urge you to make use of this flexibility to provide Minerva with a holistic picture of who you are.
    Note that we will need to confirm the validity of these six achievements before assessing them. Applicants will be held responsible for providing Minerva with the necessary evidence and information regarding each of these achievements.

    Getting Your Admissions Decision
    We will review your performance, analyzing your scores on our proprietary challenges, your academic transcripts, and evidence of your accomplishments. The combination of all three parts enables us to effectively evaluate your potential to thrive at Minerva. After this extensive review, we will notify you of your decision by the Notification date for your application cycle (See the deadlines and notification dates for each cycle here: https://www.minerva.kgi.edu/admissions/). If Minerva is your top choice and you commit to binding enrollment, you will receive an expedited admissions decision within three weeks.

    Source: https://www.minerva.kgi.edu/

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