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Financial Aid
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Minerva is a need-blind financial aid provider, which means that your financial situation does not factor into how likely you are to get admitted. If you are admitted to Minerva and qualify for aid, you will be offered a financial aid package commensurate with your demonstrated need. This means that we adjust financial aid to students based on their family's financial situation. To be considered for financial aid, complete the admissions process and then follow the steps.


Grade Requirement: None

Open to All Nationalities

For any students

Any gender

For any marital status

Any course is allowed


1. Complete the CSS Profile for Fall 2019*
Minerva School Code: 6033
2. Complete Minerva’s Financial Aid Questionnaire
3. Upload Required Documents to the Financial Aid Center:
2017 and 2018* Tax Returns and W2 forms for both parents OR foreign country equivalent (income statements or letter of employment confirmation stating monthly salary)
Parents’ bank statements covering the four most recent months for each account held in their names (checking, savings, investment, etc.)

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