Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) - Engineering Pathway
The University of Adelaide

(Tuition fee is not stated)
1-2 years

Course Description


Our new Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Engineering Pathway is designed for students with a foundation in maths and a passion for engineering.

This program allows you to enter into engineering at Adelaide, through a specially designed pathway program where you will study any prerequisite requirements needed and the other courses that you take in the first year are exactly the same as the Bachelor of Engineering.

You then have guaranteed transfer into your preferred engineering program either mid-year or end of year after successful completion of your courses.

ECMS Staff will provide support in choosing the right courses within the pathway option to ensure students transition successfully into their chosen engineering program.

Be a game changer and study at SA’s highest ranked university for engineering.

*For students who have not completed Mathematical Methods or equivalent, please see our Maths Track option here. 


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