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How To Make A Standout Resume For Your Internship

How To Make A Standout Resume For Your Internship

Before you kickstart your internship experience, one of the things you have to do is to submit a resume. This shouldn’t be a scary first step at all if you know how to make a resume that stands out from the rest!

In a nutshell, your resume should contain your basic personal information and qualifications that fit the internship role you are applying for. The goal of your resume is to catch the attention of the hiring officers and make sure that they will call you back for the interview! Check out these five basic tips so you can make the best-resume-ever for your internship application:

1. Keep the details in your resume short but sweet.

Let’s first be clear about the general structure of your resume. Ideally, your resume should include these five sections:

  • Personal Information
  • Educational background
  • Accomplishments and Awards
  • Organizations and Work Experience
  • Skills

Now that you’ve got an idea on how to organize your resume, it’s time to fill in the  details a.k.a. the backbone of your resume! Make sure that you put in the complete and correct details in your resume, especially when you’re writing your name, school, organizations, and award titles. 

Try to avoid unnecessary words when you’re writing descriptions. Get straight to the point or else the recruiter might get bored and turn down your application. Use powerful and concise words. Your goal is to make the recruiters remember you out of the  hundreds (or even thousands) of students applying for the internship! 

PSA: There are companies who strictly require a one-page resume so make every word count!

2. List down your *relevant* skills and work experiences.

Your skills and work experiences are considered relevant if they are related to the internship role you are applying for. By putting your relevant skills and work experiences, it will be easier for the recruiters to determine if you meet the requirements of the job. 

Pro-tip: Know the important keywords in your field that can help boost your resume. For example, if you’re a human resource student, you should use words like performance management teamwork and collaboration, customer service, and project management. P.S.: You should also know these words by heart!

3. Share highlights of your advocacies, passions, and other interests in life!

After putting all the necessary details, why not add an exciting mix to your resume by including details about your passion projects and advocacies, if any? Are you running an environmental organization? Are you a member of a choir or a hip hop dance group? Got a passion for crafts? There’s no one stopping you from including them in your resume! 

Keep in mind that your goal is to make the recruiters remember you and your moment has come to share about your unique skills and talents! If can’t choose among your many passions in life, choose the top three activities that are close to your heart—remember the first tip!

4. Observe an effective layout and design.

All the texts and details are put into place. The next thing for you to do is to slay the layout and design. Thanks to the internet, there are now free resume templates that can easily be downloaded online. You can choose templates based on the job and industries you belong to. It’s also up to you if you like a creative, modern, minimalist, or a simple design for your resume! 

As long as you know how to use bullets properly and choose readable fonts and an eye-friendly color scheme, you’re good to go! 

5. Proofread, proofread, proofread.

Proofreading is the key! To achieve a flawless resume for your internship, you have to re-read your resume all over again to spot unwanted mistakes. You can also ask someone to comment and suggest improvements to your resume!

With a fine and dandy resume, you’re off to a great start with your internship application. On to the next part of the screening process: the interview! We’re rooting for you!

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