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Students use us. A lot.
They’re our number one audience.
And we’re their number one fan.

So if your brand or school is all for that,
then we’d love to work with you.

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Here are some of the organizations
we’ve partnered with:

Why Work With Us?

Edukasyon is the #1 youth platform in the Philippines
for all students - whether they’re in high school,
college, or post-graduate studies.

Students come to us for advice. So do government agencies
and private schools like Ateneo, La Salle, AMA,
and Far Eastern University. You can, too.

We help schools, foundations, and brands reach students.
And we’ve got plenty of room for you to join in.

Here’s why partnering with us is a great idea:

  • 1.2M unique
    monthly visitors,
    10M students and parents visit yearly

  • 2M average monthly
    reach on Facebook

  • Worked with over
    500 schools
    across the world,
    50 foundations, and
    corporate partners

  • Generated more than 100,000 inquiries
    and applications to
    our partner schools


What can we do together?

  • Students spend a lot of time
    searching online. And millions
    of them find the right school
    on our platform. Create and
    manage your own profile page
    with us.

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    Local Schools

  • More and more students are
    packing their bags to study
    abroad. Join our growing list
    of schools around the world—
    from the United Kingdom
    to Singapore to Australia.
    Don’t forget to check in early.

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    Foreign Schools

  • Changing the world is great.
    Changing the world together
    is better. We need all hands
    on deck to empower students
    to make better decisions.
    Co-create advocacy campaigns and projects with us.

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  • It's time to reach students
    where it matters. And thanks
    to intensive research, we can
    do just that. Come up with
    scroll-stopping, mind-blowing
    content students love,
    with your brand in mind.
    We can help with that.

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