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Every student deserves a great education – one that delivers
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We believe that students deserve high-quality, engaging, and convenient online tutoring in English and Math.

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Why Choose Edge Tutor

Enhance your child's confidence with our exceptional tutors

Enhance your child's confidence with our exceptional tutors

Students learn better when they're matched with the best tutors. Our committed Edge tutors are carefully selected for their teaching expertise, extensive experience, and dedication to seeing your child succeed.

Help your child excel with our efficient learning system

Help your child excel with our efficient learning system

The formula behind our efficient online tutoring is simple: motivational teaching + engaging interactive technology + personalized learning = subject mastery.

Experience the convenience of scheduling lessons with our tutors anywhere.

Experience the convenience of scheduling lessons with our tutors anywhere.

Book a class anytime with our passionate tutors from any computer or device. Expand your child's knowledge and improve on areas of study that are challenging to them at a schedule that works for your family.

For Every Grade Level

Kindergarten to Grade 1

For ages 4 to 7 years old

Prepare and master skills needed for 1st Grade

What they will learn in English:

  • mark Phonics and spelling patterns
  • mark Read short fiction and non-fiction text
  • mark Write in full sentences
  • mark Retell stories

What they will learn in Math:

  • mark Recognize and write numbers up to 100
  • mark Add and subtract
  • mark Tell the time
  • mark Describe shapes

Grade 2 to Grade 6

For ages 7 to 12 years old

Stay ahead of elementary school learning expectations

What they will learn in English:

  • mark Describe people and places
  • mark Give opinion and advice
  • mark Use of conditionals
  • mark Twelve tenses

What they will learn in Math:

  • mark Multiplication and division
  • mark Area and perimeter
  • mark Geometry
  • mark Algebraic expressions

Grade 7 to Grade 10

For ages 12 to 14 years old

Competitive skills for the world of tomorrow

What they will learn in English:

  • mark Collaborate and negotiate with others
  • mark Research and prepare presentations
  • mark Adapt speech to situations
  • mark Express themselves with ease

What they will learn in Math:

  • mark Number system
  • mark Expressions
  • mark Geometry
  • mark Systems of equations

Our Course Types


For students who are new to online tutoring

This course is a supplementary course for English and Math that helps your child succeed in school and in life. It covers the most essential learning outcomes from the local curriculum and is designed according to international frameworks, CEFR (Common European Framework) for English and Singapore Math Curriculum Framework for Math.

Class Size Class Size: One online tutor to one student

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What parents say about us

Here are some reviews from parents who were glad to get the support they need through our online tutoring service.

Pea liked the online classroom! I highly recommend Edukasyon.ph to all Filipino moms who'd like their children to learn while enjoying their lessons at the same time.

Eileen G.Edge Booster Customer

Princess really liked the animated rewards that she got every time she answered correctly. The tutor was engaging and very experienced too! She managed to get Princess moving and participate actively in class.

Leslie A.Edge Booster Customer

The teacher made it easy for my kid to understand the topic. Classroom tools were helpful to have interactive lessons compared with the usual online classroom setting in the Philippines.

Janel P.Edge Booster Customer

Our Online Tutors

Edge Tutor's online classes are done by committed and passionate licensed teachers. Here are some of our world-class tutors.

MirniSenior Tutor

Watching kids grow, change and enjoy learning are the best part of teaching.

5 years Bachelor of Secondary Education Teaching License, TESOL

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