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Career Manual

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What Is Your Tech-Voc Personality Type? Take This Quiz!

Created in Partnership with the Investing in Women

Now that you’ve decided on Tech Voc as your Senior High School track of choice, it’s time to choose which one of its specialized strands is best aligned with your interests, hobbies, and personality, or best suited for you, in short. Tech Voc is a great track to enroll in if you’re someone who ...

Career Manual

  4 mins

How to Pick the Right Tech-Voc Course for Your Goals

Created in Partnership with the Investing in Women

Transitioning from Junior to Senior High School can be daunting, most especially with all these new and different tracks and strands to choose from. Besides the well-known Academic track, the Senior High School K to 12 curricula also has the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) or Tech Voc track th...

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The Pun Barkada: Which Study Fruitsona Are You?

Created in partnership with Locally

We all have our own tastes and quirks, much like our local fruits. Whether you’re a GuyabaKNOW-It-All or you radiate a Mad ManGO, GO, GO energy in the barkada, we’ve got a study hack for every fruitsona. As schools adapt and classes shift to the new normal, being aware of what works and wh...

Generation Zen

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What kind of foodie are you?

Created in partnership with Brainsparks

Good food for you might be sakto lang for someone else. Because there are as many food preferences as there are containers in your cupboard. But even if our tastes are different, we can all agree that we’re all some kind of foodie. There’s a foodie who has tried all Top 10 restaurants, a foodie...

Generation Zen

  2 mins

The Importance of Sleep for Academic Performance

Created in partnership with Efficascent Extreme

Are you a super sleeper or a puyatan princess? Ang rest at proper sleep, mahalaga para sa academic performance natin. Take this quiz to find out what kind of sleeper you are and how to improve on your sleeping habits.How extra are you when it comes to sleep?Created in partnership with Efficascent Ex...


  1 mins

Alamin Natin Kung Sino Ka Sa Barkada Mo!

Created in partnership with Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation

Parang pamilya mo na rin ang barkada mo. Lalo na ngayon, kahit sa chat na lang nakakapag-usap, damang-dama pa rin ang mga napagsamahan. Ito ang ating safe space. Sa mga safe space natin online at offline, nakakapagpahayag tayo ng mga iniisip at nararamdaman natin nang walang takot na mahusga, matuks...

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What’s Your Next Superhero Training?

Angel Cruz

Not all heroes wear capes. Yung iba, naka-uniform at nag-aaral pang mabuti sa school! (Hint: Ikaw yun, friend.)Like our hardworking professionals, madami ka pang pagdadaanan before you can become someone else’s hero through your career. Pero ‘wag kang mag-alala, you’re not starting...


  3 mins

How Would You Protect the Philippine Forests?

Created in Partnership with Created in Partnership with Forest Foundation

The Philippines has always been known as a country filledwith beautiful forests and landscapes. However, since 1960, we have lost alittle more than 6 million hectares of forest area from our original 12 millionhectares. To put it into perspective, SM Megamall sits on approximately 10hectares of land...

College Life

  4 mins

Where Should You Study Abroad?

Study Abroad

One of the most important steps at the beginning of your study abroad journey is determining which country of destination to pick. With a long list of countries each having their unique offerings, choosing the best country for you might just be as disfficult as choosing the best course for you. Try ...


  2 mins

What Do You Want to Be Greater At?

Created in Partnership with Created in Partnership with Cream Silk Philippines

Your journey from good to great starts now! No one starts out on top. Getting there means picking up new skills, honing them, and applying them to the work you do. So think about it. Where do you want to excel? What’s your dream career path?Take this quiz to get a better idea of where you̵...

Edukasyon's Guide To

  6 mins

Which Type of Moneymaker Are You?

Created in Partnership with Created in partnership with FWD Life Philippines, part of pan-Asian FWD Group

Eager to start making your own money? Well, there’s more than one way to go about it. You could be a saver, a racketeer, or a potential entrepreneur. Find out how your personality plays into your preferred money-making path by taking this quiz!Which Type of Moneymaker Are You?Eager to start making y...

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Can We Guess Your Dream Home Based On Your Priorities?

Created in Partnership with Created in Partnership with FWD Life Insurance, part of pan-Asian insurer FWD Group

Does that smartphone-controlled apartment or mansion with a pool actually line up with your goals? Find out where you may end up living by taking this quiz!Can We Guess Your Dream Home Based On Your Priorities?Does that smartphone-controlled apartment or mansion with a pool actually line up with you...