Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology
Our Lady of Guadalupe Colleges

PHP 26,000 (Per Term)
3-4 years

Course Description

The OLGC Medical Technology Department aims to produce globally competitive graduates equipped with up-to-date competencies in the field of medical technology, graduates imbued with the values of holistic self-development and social responsibility.

The Medical Technology Program is a 4-year course composed of 2-years of general education subjects, one and a half year of major subjects and six months of internship training in different private and public laboratory hospitals accredited. 

Graduates of this program can be any of the following: Analyst in Clinical Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Representative, Analyst in Drug Testing Laboratory, Chief Medical Technologist in Hospitals, Clinics, Analyst in Pharmaceutical Company, Veterinary Clinic, Food Company, Cosmetic Clinic, Quality Control Officer in Drug Companies, Researcher in clinical/educational, institution/diagnostic company, Pulmonary/Respiratory Technician, Professional product specialist in manufacturing/marketing, Hospital Technician, Academician and Health Educator, Sales Medical/Hospital Equipment Representative, Researcher

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