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Course Description

We envision ourselves as a community of integrated persons, developing young men and women to become nurses, witnessing to Christ in the spirit of Mary as lived by Venerable Ignacia, fully human and alive for others.
We hereby commit to provide to provide education and training necessary to produce quality nursing graduates who will live by the core values of faith, excellence, and service.
Course Objectives:
The BSN course envisions a program that would produce empowered nurses who are compassionate, flexible, dedicated, proficient, competent and globally competitive. Pilar College, College of Nursing aims to produce nurses who:
P–  Practice and live the Marian Ignacian core values of faith, excellence and service to people with preferential love for the poor.
I –  Inspire others through their academic excellence in the service of God and Community
L–  Lead others to develop critical and creative thinking through the use of nursing process and research in the care of clients.
A–  Attain the necessary attitudes, skills and knowledge for the promotion and restoration of health
R–  Respond to the needs of clients locally and globally.

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