Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy
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Course Description

            A respiratory therapist is a healthcare professional that specializes in the treatment, management, control, diagnostic evaluation and care of patients with deficiencies and abnormalities in the cardiopulmonary system. As a health care professional, the respiratory therapist is under the medical direction of a physician.


  • Performs and provides tentative interpretation of test obtained  from physiological specimens which will assists in the diagnosis and determination of the degree of impairment of relevant aspects of cardiopulmonary efficiency
  • Implements treatment programs on the basis of test findings within the scope of respiratory analysis
  • Performs pulmonary function test (PFT) maneuvers cardiopulmonary resuscitation and provide artificial airway
  • Administers mechanical ventilator support and pharmacologic agents related to respiratory care procedures
  • Participates in research programs and studies for the advancement of the field
  • Teaches, lectures and reviews subjects given in the licensure  examinations
  • Must have critical thinking
  • Must have patient/environment assessment skills
  • Must have cognitive psychomotor skills
  • Must be focused even under pressure
            The Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy program is a four-degree course that aims to produce graduates who are equipped with competence as well as critical and analytical skills involved in the performance of clinical pulmonary care procedures associated with respiratory therapy. Graduates of this program start their  careers as respiratory therapist after passing the licensure examination given by the Professional Regulation Commission.

Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy

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