Saint Louis Anne Colleges

San Roque, San Pedro, Laguna
PHP 0 to 10,000


(Updated as of May 14, 2019)

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What does Saint Louis Anne Colleges stand for?

St. Louis Anne Colleges of Laguna is a private institution located in San Pedro, Laguna. The school is accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and offer tech-voc programs such as Bartending, Food and Beverages Services, Health Care Services, and Housekeeping. The said programs are open to any high school graduate at least 18 years of age. Students who successfully accomplish the programs shall receive a National Certificate. St. Louis Anne Colleges of Laguna continues to provide accessible training programs for students to become job-ready.

What programs & courses does Saint Louis Anne Colleges offer?

Choosing the right program can help you set your future goals and visualize where you want to be. Whether you want to be an engineer, a teacher, an accountant, or you want to level up in your profession, making yourself informed with the right choices will surely back you up in the future. Are you ready to map your career with Saint Louis Anne Colleges? Make the best decision in choosing the right path for you, click through the list of programs offered by Saint Louis Anne Colleges below:

Where is Saint Louis Anne Colleges located?

(Updated as of May 27, 2019)

San Roque, San Pedro, Laguna
Contact Number
(02) 808 4064
Mobile Number
(Not stated)

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