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EDSA, Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City
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(Updated as of Jul 11, 2018)

What does San Carlos Seminary stand for?

San Carlos Seminary is a Catholic archdiocesan seminary of the Archdiocese of Manila established in 1702 through the Royal Decree of King Philip V of Spain. The seminary is dedicated to training future priest. It caters seminarians from the different parts of the Philippines and across Asia. Several religious congregations are sending members to the institution for academic training.

SCS stands firmly to address the growth of the Roman Catholic leaders –priests, in the country. It offers priestly formation under three stages called: Propaedeutic stage (Pre-college Department), Discipleship stage (Philosophy), and Configuration stage (Theology). Males who are no more than 22 years of age undergo Propaedeutic stage where they will have rigid seminary orientation and learn the rubrics of prayer life, community living, study habits and personal growth.

The Discipleship is a 4-year stage that focuses on academic knowledge and critical thinking on faith and morality. Seminarians who finished the academic requirements of this stage are licensed with a degree of Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) Major in Classical Philosophy. Configuration stage is where the seminarian is formed to be a pastoral theologian in fulfillment for his future ministry and once finished, he will be granted the Master’s Degree in Sacred Theology. All the courses are aligned with the academic curriculum of the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd).

Through the years, SCS has produced notable priests including the GOMBURZA priests Mariano Gomez and Jacinto Zamora who became martyrs during the Spanish era. Fr. Rufino Santos, the first Filipino Cardinal, Bishop Nereo Odchimar, the president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). Guided by its philosophy “Humilitas”—humility in English, the seminary continues to uphold their mission to mold men of our country to become the Church’s leaders with valor, intellect, and humility.

San Carlos Seminary Facts:

  • The seminary is considered a national architectural heritage being designed by National Artist for Architecture Juan Nakpil.
  • The Royal and Conciliar San Carlos Seminary is the archdiocesan seminary of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila. It was established in the year 1702, by decree of King Philip V of Spain
  • The patron saint of the seminary is St. Charles Borromeo, the patron saint of seminaries.


What programs & courses does San Carlos Seminary offer?

Choosing the right program can help you set your future goals and visualize where you want to be. Whether you want to be an engineer, a teacher, an accountant, or you want to level up in your profession, making yourself informed with the right choices will surely back you up in the future. Are you ready to map your career with San Carlos Seminary? Make the best decision in choosing the right path for you, click through the list of programs offered by San Carlos Seminary below:

Where is San Carlos Seminary located?

EDSA, Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City
Contact Number
(+632) 895 8855; (+632) 890 9563 (fax)
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