St. Mary's College of Borongan

E. Cinco Street, Borongan, Eastern Samar 6800
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(Updated as of Feb 11, 2019)

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What does St. Mary's College of Borongan stand for?

St. Mary’s College of Borongan (formerly St. Joseph's College) is a private, Catholic school handled by the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM) in Eastern Samar. It was established in 1946 as St. Joseph's High School under the bishop of Calbayog and the parish priest of Borongan. The next year, the management was turned over to the RVM sisters. In 1952, the school obtained its college status, with courses offered in the Arts and Teacher Education. In 2001, St. Joseph's College was renamed into St. Mary's College accompanied by a ceremony of installing a brass mural of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the school's facade.

This school currently provides elementary, high school, and college programs. Available four-year undergraduate courses are in Communication, Social Science, Elementary and Secondary Education, Business Administration, and Information Technology. SMC Borongan also has a Senior High School department offering STEM, ABM, HUMSS, and TVL.

St. Mary's College of Borongan, as an RVM institute and a member of the CEAP, emphasizes the growth of students in their Catholic faith, particularly embracing Marian and Ignacian values. Graduates not only excel in their careers but also take their time to serve God and their community.


What programs & courses does St. Mary's College of Borongan offer?

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Where is St. Mary's College of Borongan located?

(Updated as of Feb 11, 2019)

E. Cinco Street, Borongan, Eastern Samar 6800
Contact Number
(055) 261 2038
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Email Address [email protected]

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