Quick Facts & Figures

  • capital

    Dublin, Ireland
  • language

    Irish, English
  • currency

    EUR (Euro)
  • government

    Parliamentary Republic
  • religion

    Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland
  • weather

    Temperate Maritime
  • timezone

    GMT +0
  • internet domain


Ireland is an island in the British Isles on the west of Great Britain. A fifth of the area of Ireland is actually Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom. The Republic of Ireland makes up the rest of the land. The country has a population of about 4.9 million, the capital being Dublin, which is also the largest city in Ireland. 


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Studying in Ireland

What are the student visa requirements?
Ireland's student visa applications are done online. After starting your application, Philippine students will need to submit:
  • two color passport-sized photos, not more than 6 months old
  • current passport and a full copy of all previous passports
  • a signed letter of application including:
    • full contact details
    • your reason for wanting to come to Ireland
    • details of any members of your family who are currently in Ireland or any other EU member state
    • written promise to observe the conditions of your visa, that you will leave the State on the expiry of the visa
    • if the course you wish to study in Ireland is different from your current study or line of work, give valid reasons and documentary evidence (where available) why you are making this change
  • Letter of Acceptance from the college
  • evidence accounting for any gaps in your educational history
  • evidence that fees have been paid to the college you have chosen
  • evidence that you have the academic ability to take your course
  • evidence of English proficiency
  • proof of sufficient finances
  • Medical Insurance
  • prior visa refusals
  • If you are traveling alone and are under 18, you will also need:
    • your Birth Certificate
    • letter of consent from a parent/legal guardian
What languages are required in Ireland?
International students in Ireland are required to be English language proficient. English language proficiency is required in both applying for a student visa and admission to an institution of higher education. The proficiency level required for visa application may differ from that for admission to an institution or course program. It is best to check the English language proficiency required by both. 
What are the requirements to study in Ireland?
You will first need to decide on what you want to take and what school you will go to. Schools will have various requirements but you will need a student visa to study in Ireland. Depending on the qualification you are applying for, you might need proof of English proficiency as well.
Why study in Ireland?
Ireland is globally connected with an excellent education system, setting you apart in the employment market. The country is socially and economically progressive, with amazing culture and heritage for those who are seeking enriching experiences and adventure. You sill learn to be independent, confident and grow as a person not just academically.


Living in Ireland

How much are living expenses in Ireland?
The cost of living in Ireland depends on which city you're in, the type of accommodation you choose, and your lifestyle. On average, the estimate is that an international student will spend between €7,000 and €12,000 per year. Rent averages about €427 a month, food is about €167 a month, and a mobile plan is about €31 a month.

Source: Dublin Institute of Technology Cost of Living Guide 2017/18

Working in Ireland

Can you work while studying?
Yes, students holding a valid immigration stamp 2 permission are permitted to work 20 hours a week during the school year and 40 hours a week during the holidays, namely the months of June, July, August, September, and from the 15th of December to the 15th of January.
What about post-study work?
Students can stay after completing their studies under the Irish Third Level Graduate Scheme. The Third Level Graduate Scheme allows students to remain in Ireland for 24 months to look for employment.
How much is the minimum wage in Ireland?
The minimum wage in Ireland is €9.15 per hour.