DOH Scholarship

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DOH Scholarship

# 16 Quiling Sur, City of Batac 2906, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

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Program Level



Full Tuition


Php 30,001 - Php 35,000

About the Scholarship

The DOH Medicine Scholarship Program includes all four years of medical education, including summer immersion programs prior to the second and third years of medicine, and one year of post-graduate internship.

It also encompasses covers all four years of a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery. In return, scholars will be expected to work for two years in public health for every year of schooling shouldered by the DOH.

Priority will be given to prospective students from low-income families, from geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas or from the country’s twenty poorest municipalities and cities, and from indigenous communities or the national minorities; dependent of government employees and active police and military personnel; victims of calamities; and Barangay Health Workers and traditional birth attendants.

Tuition, laboratory, miscellaneous, and other school fees, to be paid directly to the partner schools.

Allowance paid directly to scholars, composed of:

Living subsidy- PhP 4,500 per month
Lodging allowance- PhP 3,000 per month
Transportation allowance- PhP 800 per month
Book allowance- PhP 12,100 per semester
Uniform allowance- PhP 3,025 per semester
Miscellaneous allowance- PhP 5,500 per semester
Annual Medical Insurance- PhP2,400 per year, to be paid directly to the Philippine Health Insurance Corp

Minimum Qualifications

  • Strictly for Filipinos only
  • Incoming College
  • Any gender

Application Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a natural Filipino citizen
  • Must be a holder of Bachelor’s Degree conferred upon by a duly recognized education institution(for the postgraduate program)
  • Should have complied with all academic preparations
  • General Weighted Average of 2.50 or its equivalent or better (depending on the medical school)
  • Possess an NMAT of 45 and above (depending on the medical school)
  • Must have no failure in any subject in the undergraduate course (depending on the medical school)
  • Must have no record of having been dropped from any medical school
  • Possess have no record of having been denied admission
  • Hold have no record of the conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude
  • Must pass the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)
  • Must have passed a panel of interview

  • Scholarship Contract
  • Commitment to Render Service (Download here) 
  • DOH Scholarship Application Form (Download here)
  • 1×1 ID (within the last 6 months

  • Copy of Barangay Certification/Certification of a Bonafide Resident of the Community
  • Copy of Combined Family Income Tax Return (ITR)
  • Certificate of Indigency (if applicable)
  • Certification from National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) (if applicable)


Contact & Location


# 16 Quiling Sur, City of Batac 2906, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

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