Holy Angel Foundation For Research And Development (HAFRD)

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Holy Angel Foundation For Research And Development (HAFRD)

Holy Angel Avenue Sto. Rosario, Angeles City, Pampanga 2009

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Program Level



Full Tuition


Php 1,000 - Php 5,000

About the Scholarship

Holy Angel Foundation for Research and Development (HAFRD) provides two types of scholarships:
  1. HAFRD-Teacher Education. It is a 100% continuing tuition grant for Valedictorians and Salutatorians who will take up a Teacher Education course. Grant continuance is for those scholars who will not incur a grade lower than 2.00.
  2. HAFRD Academic Grant. It is a fifty percent (50%) tuition grant for one semester to honor students next in rank after the Upper 1% Academic Scholarship Grantees. It is proportionately allocated to all colleges.
  3. 100% tuition grant to a child of a PNP member in Angeles City who will take up Criminology course
  4. 5 slots of 100% tuition grant to students who will take up BSE major in Values Education)
  5. 5 full scholarship slots to those who will take up Teacher Education course under the 1000TP of Philippine Business for Education.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Open to enrolled college students only
  • Any gender

Application Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

General Guidelines
  1. A student may avail himself of only one (1) scholarship grant regardless of its source.
  2. A student with an academic grant should carry the number of units prescribed in the curriculum.
  3. No scholarship grantee may drop any subject without prior permission from the Scholarships Office.
  4. Transferees may avail themselves of scholarship grants after one (1) semester (for college) or one year (for high school) residency in the University.
  5. A Scholarship Waiver is required to be duly accomplished by the grantee and his/her parent/guardian.
  6. Any disciplinary action disqualifies the grantee from his/her scholarship.
  7. Varsity Sports Scholars and under trainees are exempted from taking Physical Education subjects.

Application Procedure
  1. Secure and accomplish an Application Form from the University Scholarships and Grants Office.
  2. Submit the accomplished Application Form together with the documentary requirements:
    • For Academic Scholarships: a copy of grades
    • For Student Assistants: a copy of grades, barangay clearance, ITR or Tax Exemption Certificate of Parents, water bill, the electric bill, birth certificate, a sketch of address
  3. USGO will set a schedule for the interview
  4. Qualified applicants will be notified through phone calls or a text message

Eligible Programs

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  • Any course is allowed


Contact & Location


Holy Angel Avenue Sto. Rosario, Angeles City, Pampanga 2009

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