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1-2 years

Course Description

This master's degree course provides advanced study in the areas of pharmacy practice, clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, pharmacotherapy and health systems, and includes practical training in community and hospital pharmacy.
Our program differs in many respects from others, most notable are:
Our small yearly intake of about 50 students are selected from a large pool of applicants each year. This fosters an excellent learning culture and our students study in small groups with ready access to academic and professional staff, plus a great level of peer support. 
Our students benefit from a lot of one-to-one interaction with academic and professional staff, particularly in the area of Pharmacy Practice, which greatly enhances our students' professional interpersonal skills
We are also in the very fortunate position to be able to offer every student the opportunity of work place based training not only in community but also in a number of major hospitals and aged care facilities. This provides students with insight into the various career pathways and exposes them to the very diverse range of health care in our society (primary, acute, women, children and aged care). For eligible students we offer alternative placements in rural Australia and International locations. 
The Australian government predicts strong employment growth for pharmacists over the coming years. Part of this is because of the expanding role for pharmacists in health care delivery. 

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