• Passing the College Admission Test
  • Choice of Specific Course
  • Form 138
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Police Clearance
  • Medical certificate
  • 1 copy of 2 x 2” I.D. Picture

  • Honorable Dismissal
  • Transcript of Records
  • Passing the College Admission Test
  • Choice of specific course
  • Form 138
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Police Clearance
  • Medical Certificate
  • 1 copy of 2 x 2” I.D. Picture
Other Conditions
  • He/she has completed not more than 50 percent of the units required to finish his/her course in his/her previous school; and not more than 12 units for graduate courses;
  • That the quota set by the Dean of the college concerned has not yet been filled up; and
  • He/she has presented his/her honorable dismissal and transcript of records or an official copy of his/her grades for evaluation purposes one month before enrolment time.
  • Units earned from a recognized college/university shall be duly accredited in the College at a maximum of eighteen (18) units per semester, provided that the admission requirements and the following conditions are met;
  • That the school from where the credits were earned is recognized by the government;
  • That the validation examination given by the Dean/Director for subjects with a rating below 2.5 or it's equivalent is satisfied before accepting them for credit, otherwise, they should be re-enrolled;
  • That the subjects for which the credits are claimed have the same description as the corresponding subject in the curriculum offered in the college; and
  • That the rules on sequencing of subjects (prerequisite) in the curriculum are observed. The concerned student shall not be allowed to enroll in a subject, the prerequisite of which taken elsewhere, have not been validated or repeated.
  • Grades of transferring students that fall below 2.5 shall be credited only upon passing the validation test, which may be requested by them from the office of the Dean/Director. A corresponding validating fee shall be charged per subject.
  • Regular sophomore students may transfer from one campus to another without re-taking the admission examination but shall be required to take qualifying examinations to be administered by the respective unit.
  • There shall be an enrolment quota of 500 students each for secondary and elementary level (600 students per CHED Order 21). (CHED Order No. 21 s 1997 and CHED order Nos. 4 & 8 s 1996)
  • Quota system will be implemented in the secondary and elementary level by ranking the student-applicants based on total equivalent points. Cut off marks will be based on total equivalent points, which is determined based on 40% of average grade and 60% of the entrance result.
  • Applicants in the elementary and secondary levels including honor graduates, recipients of scholarships (private or public), and dependents of College employees are required to take the entrance test. Both Filipino and foreign students who graduated from elementary schools abroad shall also be required to take the entrance test.
  • Each examinee shall be charged a testing fee to defray expenses incurred for testing materials etc. (Board Resolution no. 10 s 2001).

Source; http://cnsc.edu.ph/?page_id=179



  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution;
  • Application for Admission;
  • Original Transcript of Records;
  • An average grade of 2.0 in the baccalaureate course;
  • Two pieces 2 x 2 ID photo (recent picture white background)
  • Birth Certificate NSO authenticated;
  • Recommendation for admission from employer/immediate supervisor and former professor;
  • Employment certificate, or service record;
  • Certified photocopy of marriage certificate (for married female)
  • Interview by the Program chair and Dean
  • Application fee of P100.00

Source: http://cnsc.edu.ph/?page_id=179

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School Overview

16th Place in Overall Quest for 2021

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Camarines Norte State College (CNSC) is a multi-campus educational institution established in 1992. The institution is a province-wide college system which is composed of six (6) campuses (including the main campus in Daet) that are located in the municipalities of Jose Panganiban, Abano, Mercedes, Labo, and in Entienza

Originating from the Camarines Norte High School (CNHS) (est. 1920) which later became the Camarines Norte National High School (CNNHS), the college was built to provide technological and professional instruction and training  as well as conduct research and advanced studies in all areas.

CNSC offers undergraduate courses on Industrial Technology, Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture, and Education. The school also has a graduate school that provides programs related to Public Administration and Management.
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  • F. Pimentel Avenue, Daet, Camarines Norte

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